Are You Being Mindful of Your Basic Needs?


Today’s tale has to do with affection which is one of the 9 “basic needs” to live a healthy lifestyle. Affection is the ability to have love, empathy, and friendship. Being Mindful can be apart of this basic need we must manifest in order to thrive and be alive.

So today’s question for you is: Are you MINDFUL of how you interact and speak to others?


It seems these days, especially driving, people would rather yell, gesture, or be inconsiderate of others in their mannerisms and speech. They choose to be angry, irritated, or thoughtless. Even on social media so much negativity encapsulates the feeds and tweets. Don’t you know the more you think thoughts of frustration, the more frustrating situations you will bring to yourself so you can continue to be frustrated?

The fight against the President, the fight against politics, the fight against disease or unjust asylums  just manifests more of these problematic issues because SO MANY of you are focusing on it in a NEGATIVE way. This week’s tale demonstrates just that. Two creatures fighting in the night for something they wanted and how they manifested the outcome.


For this week, I would like for you to reflect on how you really interact with others, even in your mind. In my latest fable, Cherry Me Happy, see if you can relate to the actions of these characters.

Cherry Me Happy

by Patti Martin


Winter left with a howling roar, but spring did little to alleviate its brutal weather, which had spread across the farmland, in the upper west corner of the United States. Good soil drainage is necessary to keep a cherry trees' roots vital and the

 foundation of a healthy tree is dependent on its nourishing roots. Unfortunately, the torrential rains of the winter left the crops and fruit trees in devastation. 


Despite the fact that the sunshine had been in full force for the past week, it wasn’t sufficient enough to help the cherry trees thrive. However, one lowly tree sitting in the middle of nowhere, contained one ripe cherry. Singularly, it hung glistening against the morning rays.


Soon enough, Mr. Jay and Mr. Crow spied the delectable cherry after hours of exploring the deserted land. This cherry, delicious to the sight, red and shiny became a tiny treasure for the ravenous birds. Simultaneously, both birds flew down and landed on an emaciated branch in close proximity to the cherry.


“Get out of my way!” exclaimed Mr. Jay.  “I got here first, so you better step off. It’s my cherry!”

“Oh no, it’s not,” countered Mr. Crow indignantly, “I was here first and I’m not going anywhere!”


Both Crow and Jay argued endlessly through dusk and into the deep dark of night where the moon’s light shone down upon them.  “Crows are nothing but loud mouth, big billed, raucous making, common birds covered in black obscurity,” mocked Jay joyfully. “Oh yeah?” Crow questioned  furiously, “Well, Jays are superficial, egg stealing, numb eating culprits who are low enough to dine on dead kin.”


The worthless banter continued on and without warning, the two birds became physical, pecking at each other’s feather-weighted bodies.  Eventually, the birds were whittled down to nothing baring tattered feathers and unpigmented base,

found only under the skin into the feather follicle. The prize, however small, meant everything to both birds and neither one would submit to the other, nor were any sort of compromises reached.


After a grueling night of fighting, the morning light appeared as the sun began to peek over the horizon.  Tired and weak from fighting the two birds noticed that the ripe, delicious cherry was nowhere to be found. In its place was a dry, lonely seed dangling from the fruitless branch. Shocked from this realization, the birds perched themselves in silence staring at the lifeless pit.


Meanwhile, a slow but steady worm wiggled its way into the base of the cherry tree, where its presence could not be noticed as prey, by the angry birds. Although worm was exhausted from a long night of labor, he settled in for a good slumber, his thoughts full of elation, and his belly content.

Do you see how the birds’ behavior manifested more reason to be frustrated? Worm, on the other hand, focused on what was right in his life and manifested elation through a scrumptious meal. So the next time you want to scream, belittle, or shame someone, whether you are right or not, you will get what you wish for.


Tell us what you think; we’d love to hear from you! Until then, Be Blissfully Bountiful!

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