Our mission is to provide Mindfulness Education that includes brain-based strategies to empower children in reading fluency, comprehension and writing, as well as mental wellness that are affected due to bullying. Low self-esteem is linked to depression and anxiety. The goal is to find self-worth

and to move from pain and into prosperity.

Bullying can cause anxiety in some children. The term anxiety can be explained as suppressing feelings when faced with situations that are filled with stress or the inability to handle stressful situations in an effective or appropriate manner. Anxiety can be identified as encompassing a broad span of emotions that can be internalized or expressed outwardly; it may be experienced due to stressful or emotionally- driven situations. Previous neuroscience studies help to explain how the link between fear and learning is manifested and how long periods of anxiety in children can cause learning problems and reading difficulties. Mindfulness Education can help alleviate stressful situations and reduce anxiety due to bullying.

BFOB & Learning to Read Writefully

A Mindfulness Approach to Reading and Language Learning

Welcome to Breaking Free of Bullying  a Non-Profit Organization designed to help children cope with the trauma of bullying and its effect on reading and academic performance. BFOB provides services to children and families who suffer from all types of bullying that hinder education in language literacy. Your kind donations help purchase Reading Writeful material and Mindfulness activities. Please enjoy the articles and peruse our services and self help book Breaking Free of Bullying

Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are vital for academic success. Bullying victims are vulnerable to experiencing internalizing behaviors such as depression and anxiety and are at greater risk of engaging in self-harm, suicidal ideology, and negative thinking. This behavior may manifest into declined academic learning. Researchers have determined there is empirical evidence that when individuals did daily mindfulness meditation, a profound behavioral change  manifests in panic and anxiety disorder patients, as they are able to maintain and increase their ability to remain calm and concentrate. Mindfulness Education (ME) is essential for helping children cope with bullying as well as mental health related illnesses, learning disabilities, and academic performance.

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Bullying can have terrible longlasting trauma including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) for victims and their families. The teaching of mindfulness-based skills to children and their families allows a greater ability to keep focused attention and control emotions.  Through this process, children are further capable of developmentally maintaining added positive results in enhancing family relationships. 


Hear It From Me

A victim of bullying, I know first hand the feeling of hopelessness in reading, learning, friendships, and life. Breaking Free of Bullying helps you EMPOWER yourself through Mindful Education.  Don't suffer in silence like I did for many years.  We are here to help!  Get your free assessment now!

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